About Molly

Hi everyone!

I am passionate about helping people. Throughout my career as a massage therapist and a hypnotherapist I have helped people feel better mentally and physically. Whether it’s releasing a sore muscle or helping someone let go of the mental loop that is driving them crazy, there’s nothing sweeter than that grateful smile they have when their session is complete.

With my book “Successful Strokes” I am pouring that passion into helping other massage therapists get their practices rolling! Massage is a wonderful career and I’m soooo happy to see that it has gone from an alternative practice to a mainstream one. When I started my career in the late 70’s I was the only massage therapist in town with her own office. I said, “Mark my words, in 25 years there’s going to be one on every street corner.” And that’s pretty much true.

I am hoping this book will inspire a lot of people to take their massage practice to the next level. My philosophy about business is that there are many different approaches that can work – each person needs to find the way that suits their personality.

I also do coaching via Skype or on the phone for people who would like some personal attention and a partner to help them organize their business strategy and stay focused so they can achieve their goals.  Contact http://www.successfulstrokes.com or Successful Strokes on Facebook. I welcome comments.

Thank you,

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